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In today’s globalized world, pursuing higher education abroad opens doors to a wealth of opportunities and experiences. At Communication For Happiness, we recognize the importance of achieving your academic aspirations and navigating the complex process of international study. That’s why we offer comprehensive support for graduate exams, empowering individuals like you to realize your dreams of studying abroad.

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Tourist Visa

Tourist visas are papers you get to go to other countries just for fun. If, for instance, you’re from India and want to go to the US for a holiday, you have to ask for a tourist visa. Every country has rules about who can get these visas, and you can ask their embassies or consulates for help to get one for your short visit.

Tourist Visa Guidelines

When you’re in another country with a tourist visa, remember these rules:

  • You can’t work.
  • You can’t do business.
  • You can’t study.
  • You can’t become a permanent resident.

How to Get Started

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